Ophthalmology Clinic

Our dedicated ophthalmology service is run by Dr Ashley Davies, a certificate holder in Small Animal Ophthalmology. All small animals can be seen at the ophthalmology clinic including, dogs, cats, small mammals and birds. This service is run in conjunction with The Site Vet, a dedicated ophthalmic peripatetic service. 

A thorough a complete ocular examination will be performed using advanced specialist equipment. A full ocular examination includes:

  • Neuro-ophthalmic examination
  • Qualitative and Quantitative tear film assessment
  • Corneal and conjunctival vital stain assessment (Fluorescein/Rose-Bengal) 
  • Retinal examination
  • Slit-Lamp Biomicroscopy
  • Rebound Tonometry 
  • +/- Gonioscopy 

Once a full ocular examination has been performed, all available options regarding treatment and management will be discussed. If surgery is recommended, this can be performed at the clinic. 

We have specialist equipment dedicated to diagnosing and treating ocular conditions. This includes access to slit lamp biomicroscopy, tonometry, gonioscopy, operating microscope, cryotherapy, electrolysis and electrocautery. 


We accept referrals from other practices. A referral can be made by contacting the practice on 01672 514875 or alternatively emailing us at marlboroughvets@btconnect.com. For urgent cases and emergencies please call the clinic on 01672 514875 or for out-if-hours (eye cases only) please call 07535 187706.

Following your pet’s referral, a report will be made available to your vet outlining your pet’s diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care. 


The below prices may vary based on your pet’s body weight.

Initial Ophthalmic Consultation£160
Repeat Ophthalmic Consultation£60
Eyelid surgery – Mass excision£700 - £800
Eyelid Surgery – Complex Mass Excision£1000 - £1200
Eyelid Surgery – Entropion£900 - £1200
Eyelid Surgery – Entropion (Complex)£1000 - £1300
Canthoplasty£1000 - £1400
Cherry Eye surgery (one eye)£900 - £1000
Cherry Eye Surgery (Both eyes)£1100 - £1400
Distichiasis surgery£700 - £800
Eye removal (Enucleation)£900 - £1000
Corneal Surgery (Foreign Body Removal)£1000 - £1400
Corneal Surgery (Superficial Keratectomy)£1000 - £1200
Corneal Surgery (Sequestrum)£1200 - £1400
Corneal Surgery (CCT graft)£1300 - £1500
Corneal Surgery (Gunderson Graft)£1400 - £1600
Lens Luxation Surgery (ICLE)£1600 - £1800
Parotid Duct Transposition£2000

Vet Profile

Dr Ashley Davies

BVMedSci (Hons) BVM BVS PGCertSAOphthal MRCVS 

Ashley graduated from the university of Nottingham’s school of veterinary medicine and science. Following graduation, he worked in a number of small animal practices in the East Midlands as well as at a multi-disciplinary referral hospital, he also taught final year veterinary students in his role as associate lecturer at the University of Nottingham’s small animal teaching hospital. Following this, he was appointed as clinical director of a three-site veterinary practice in Nottingham where he also mentored new graduate veterinary surgeons. During this time, Ashley completed his certificate in small animal ophthalmology and was awarded Distinction. Ashley is a member of the British association of veterinary ophthalmologists and regularly attends conferences around the world on subjects related to veterinary ophthalmology.

Ashley has a Springer Spaniel named Sid, a rescue French Bulldog named Eddie, and 3 cats: Mr Harold, Betsy and Wilfred. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks in the countryside with Sid and Eddie and also rescues and rehabilitates wildlife casualties.  

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